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The business world is dynamic and there is need for business owners and managers to catch up with the new happenings within their sectors, economy and beyond. ANSi offer in-house and offsite knowledge and practical based corporate trainings for business owners and managers.

Our offerings are world class and tailored for business needs for lower, middle, top and executive of businesses.


  • Performance Management & Control: Overcoming organisation’s inefficiency
  • Business Values & Corporate Culture
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Financial Management: Path to Sustainability
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Professional Practice and Code of Ethics
  • The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success
  • Employees’ Financial Sustainability: Panacea to Upholding Professionalism
  • Environmental and Social Reporting: Creating Sustainable Organisations
  • Understanding Ethical duties of Professionals
  • Social, Environmental & Ethical Behaviour
  • Fraud Smart: Cultivating Fraud Prevention Culture


  • SMEs: Surviving the harsh Economic situation
  • Mission, Vision & Other Value Statements: Redefining Organisational Goals
  • Business Process Re-engineering: Turning around Moribund Business Structure
  • Defining and Understanding Organisation’s Critical Success Factors for Optimum Profitability
  • Developing a Robust Business Strategy & Organisational Structure
  • Building a Strong Business Strategic base
  • Oversubscribed: Surpassing your Business Expectations
  • Collaboration: The missing elements of business success
  • Business Model Development: Running an Efficient Business
  • Playing to Win: How Strategy Really work
  • SWOT analysis: Assessing the Long Term Business Survival


  • Developing Winning Business Plans for Start-ups
  • Financial Strategy: Building a Strong Start-up
  • Steps in Setting up a Comprehensive Financial Systems in MSMEs
  • Effective Business Finance Management
  • Finance for Non- Financial Professional: Understanding Basic Business Finance
  • Financial Security: Roadmap to Building a Sustainable Career
  • Business Technology: Simplifying Business Finance
  • Cash Flow Vs Profit: What drives businesses
  • Managing Business Finances and Preparing Financial Reports
  • Equity Vs Debt: Understanding Business Finances
  • Cost Management: Bedrock of Business Success
  • Investment Strategy: Protecting the Future against slump
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Debt Management
  • Credits and Collections
  • Internal Control


  • Social & Environmental Risk Management: Building A Sustainable Business
  • Overcoming the Risk of Technological Disruption
  • Liquidity Risk: Measures and Management
  • Foreign Exchange Market Deregulation: Managing Associated Risks on Businesses
  • Strategic Risk Management: Epitome of Organisation’s Financial Sustainability
  • Reputation Risk: Creating a Pathway for Fund Raising
  • Financial Risk: Surviving Start-up’s early Stage


ANSi generate and acquire specific and general data for clients to infer on important business decisions. We generate sector-specific reports regularly for clients and non-clients.

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